Can you go in and out of the fair?

No, for capacity reasons, you may only enter one time. There is, however, a patio in the fair where you can smoke, have a bite to eat, and get some fresh air.

Are there any age restrictions for any of the content?

At the fair there may be games which are restricted to adults and/or specialist press.

I’m under 14, can I go to the event?

Yes, if you’re chaperoned by an adult. Management reserves the right to request ID to prove the age of the minor.

Can I bring food from home?

Yes, you may bring food from home.

Are there a limited number of tickets? Are there any discounts?

Tickets cost €13 if you get them in advance. While the fair is going on (October 18-21), tickets cost €16 at the box office and on our webpage. The passes are the same: in advance €35; at the box office €40. 

I’m an influencer/youtuber/press, can I get a pass for the event?

Yes. A form will be opened in a few days to request a pass if you meet the requirement

Can I exchange or return my ticket?

No. The entry policies and terms and conditions do not allow for exchanges or returns. 

Is it true that children under 11 can go for free?

Yes, children under 11 can go for free. They do need to be chaperoned by an adult. This ticket will only be available at the box office.